This tutor has been authored by Archna Kalra as part of her Masters project at the University of Massachusetts. The motivation for the project came from the author's experience being a Teaching Assistant for the Operating Systems course in Fall 1996 and Spring 1997. Nachos was used for the first time at Umass to do the programming assignments. It was the first time that most students came across such a large piece of software; they found it overwhelming and complex.

This tutor makes their life easier by explaining concepts in a visual, friendly manner. All the labs are accompanied by detailed explanations of related concepts - both written and visual, hints as well as an explanation of source code itself. The students can view the source code on-line and can perform 'grep' and 'man' queries on any text they highlight in the source code. The students can take quizzes and be graded immediately.


The animations in the tutorial were done by Rob Archer who was taking CMPSCI 377 course while the tutor was being written. Kathryn Mckinley and Bev Woolf provided valuable suggestions during the development of the tutorial. The author also heavily referenced the following:

Some diagrams used to explain the Nachos components were authored by Lassi A. Tuura at Helsinki University of Technology.


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