Nachos has been implemented in C++ but does not use any advanced features of C++ like inheritance or reference variables. We assume you are familiar with general computer organization and C++. The tutorial describes important C++ constructs where necessary to help you understand the source code but a rudimentary knowledge of C, if not C++ is necessary.

It is also important that you be familiar with Makefiles and UNIX in order to do the labs. We suggest some links below. Remember that the tutorial is not a substitute for reading the Nachos source code. Reading and understanding the source code is part of the projects. The tutorial seeks to aid your understanding of Nachos and may answer many questions that you will have once you start doing the labs.

Just in case you are interested, we also provide links to other schools that use Nachos to teach the Operating Systems courses that they offer.


C++ Annotations
A Quick Introduction to C++
An Accelerated Introduction to C++

The Nachos home page.
A Road Map Through Nachos
Nachos Overview and Description
A Call Graph of the Nachos Source Code

UNIX help for users
UNIX help and on-line man pages
GNU Make
Some Schools Using Nachos

Oregon Graduate Inst. of Science and Tech.
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Chicago


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